Your Store for your Business, Club, Uni or School.

you can create a private online shopping site that lets your team members select the items and sizes of their choice. It's fast, simple and easy to use.

  • We're here to help with your team clothing
  • Brand Me Now schemes to suit your Business, Club, Uni or School.
  • We'll build, host & manage your online store.
  • We work with you to develop and manufacture your full clothing range.
  • We handle your online orders and the full range of clothing for your Club, Uni or School.
  • Contact us for details.

About Company Stores

Company stores are a great way to place group orders for your whole team, where each member can choose the company-branded clothing/merchandise of their choice! And the best part? Everyone's selections are eligible for a combined quantity discount to save you the most on your branded gear.

How to create your company store?

  1. Create an account using your work email (must be a custom @domain).
  2. Fill out the Create a Company Store form on this page!
  3. Select the awesome products you want available in your company store.
  4. Invite your teammates to browse your company store and pick their merch!
  5. Once everyone has made their selection, proceed to your company cart to see your combined discount and place your order!